Monday, March 2, 2015

Red Fox wireless headphones stay put and sound great


The EDGE wireless headset from Red Fox appears to have found the sweet spot for Bluetooth headphones. It's smaller and lighter than large over-the-ears headphones but more secure and comfortable than tiny in-the-ear buds.

The EDGE is a single lightweight band that loops behind your neck to connect a pair of rubber-tipped speakers. It's made to stay in place while you're jogging or biking without feeling like the buds are jammed down your ear canal.

The headset has become my newest dog-walking companion because it stays in place, it doesn't interfere with my sunglasses and it delivers quality sound whether I'm listening to music, an audio book or taking a call on my mobile phone.

A set of three control buttons built into the left and right stems provide easy access to controls. The right buttons play, pause or change tracks, refuse incoming calls or launch your phone's voice commands. The left side has volume controls and a button to answer or end a call.

A rubbery flap on the back of the headset reveals a socket to recharge the unit with a mini USB cable. Red Fox promises up to eight hours of continuous use with a full charge.

The EDGE costs $119.99 on the Red Fox Wireless website and can be ordered with red, black, green or blue trim.


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