Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Linkwok organizes group research


My email inbox is littered with the remnants of the last group research project that I was part of. Apparently, our communication tool of choice was the Reply All option.

For our next project, I'm going to propose using Linkwok. It's a free web-based platform that lets a group of users search, curate, organize and present their research. Think of it as a visual Wikipedia or digital whiteboard where everyone has a marker.

Linkwok uses a website and a Chrome browser extension to share links, text and images and assign a usefulness rating to various items. A Linkwok project is always updated and synced, so every collaborator can see the latest contributions. It also has a wizard that will search what other people or groups have collected on similar topics that might fit into your project.

A good illustration of how Linkwok can be used a visual map of the warring factions in Game of Thrones. It helped me separate the Lannisters from the Targaryens. Check it out at the Linkwok website and follow the Linkwok news on Twitter.


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