Monday, February 9, 2015

My Cadie is a smart mobile companion


There was a time when all our important files were stored on our computers. But that's changing quickly as people rely more on their mobile phones and tablets. And with plenty of storage space available on our mobile devices, those files can be hard to find.

That's the problem that My Cadie says it can fix. The app is a smart companion that uses artificial intelligence to organize and track notes, pictures, reminders, to-dos, schedules, tags and recommendations and present them in one place.

My Cadie uses a tag system to connect related related information. For example, it will link a business meeting in your calendar with a location map, notes from the last meeting and photos or videos connected to the topic you plan to discuss.

A feature called ListenIn lets you use your voice to retrieve information and a social option lets you share material with a friends or associates. The app uses Dropbox to store your data in the cloud where it can be access by multiple devices.

For a closer look at My Cadie, visit the My Cadie website or check out the Android app in the Google Play Store. A version for iPhones and iPads is in development. You can also follow @MyCadie on Twitter.


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