Thursday, February 26, 2015

AppJolt helps developers keep their customers


Apps come and go and get forgotten. Users might uninstall an app to reclaim memory or because they haven't used the app enough to justify keeping it.

An uninstall severs the link between the user and the app's developer. But now there's a way to keep that link alive. AppJolt and its new App WinBack Network gives developers tools to re-capture users and cross-promote their other products.

"According to Google, four out of five downloaded apps get used once and then deleted," said AppJolt CEO Eyal Yechezkell. "We’re looking to change that by giving app developers the tools they need to reclaim and recapture their apps users."

Using one free line of code from AppJolt, Android developers are able present special offers to departing users. For example, the developer might offer free coins to a gamer or a discount coupon to a shopper. A free ride would get me to reinstall a taxi-hailing app.  

AppJolt's tools also include access to a network that provides prize giveaways and sweepstakes that developers can offer to users.

You can get the full AppJolt story at their website and follow the company @appjolt1 on Twitter.


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  1. Hi Ric,

    Just curious, why do you think AppJolt is in any way appropriate? It gets installed on a user's device without consent, it spams the end user, and there is no way to opt out. (The opt out page on the company's website does not resolve. Enter your IMEI number and watch what happens.) I've contacted the company about this and they refuse to respond and/or fix the opt out problem. I'm currently getting Spammed by these jokers every couple of days, with no known way to remove their "product" or opt out of their Spam messages in my browser.



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