Saturday, December 27, 2014

GoodWriter 4 edits PDFs and shares files with Word


Television commercials for Microsoft and Samsung tablets make a big deal about a feature that lets you annotate a document with circles and arrows. Of course, they don't mention that you can do the same thing on an iPad or iPhone with a app called GoodWriter 4.

The app does more than you might expect to see in software that doesn't require a full-sized computer. For example, it lets you open and annotate PDF files, something I haven't mastered on my PC. Files created with GoodWriter 4 can be opened in opened and edited in Word, Pages or Open Office and files created with those programs will open in GoodWriter 4.

Other features include the ability to view PDFs, create voice memos, open email attachments, sign documents with your finger and make handwritten notes. It even provides a palette of colors and a collection of paintbrushes and pencils - just like the fancy digital drawing tools. That's a lot of features from an app that costs $3.99 and works on both the iPad and iPhone.

Get more details about GoodWriter 4 and check out some of the user reviews in the Apple iTunes App Store.


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