Thursday, December 25, 2014

AddMood makes slide-show movies on iPhones or iPads


There was a time when I produced a short video to commemorate every family vacation or significant trip we made. I would upload photos from my digital camera and use slide-show software to arrange and edit the pictures and add a music track.

These days, I tend to shoot the majority of my photos on my iPhone and Apple thoughtfully shares them with my iPad. So a more efficient platform to make my little movies would be an iOS app, one that would work on both of my iDevices.

It was my search for such an app that led me to AddMood, a new - and free - app that does everything I used to do with a rather expensive program on my Windows PC.

The idea behind AddMood is to let users create short videos by mixing still photos, videos, voice and background music -- and do it all on their iPhone or iPad.

The app includes many of the tools that you find in desktop software including special effects and soundtracks. It also uses the device's microphone to let you add a personal voice narration. The finished product can be stored in your photo album or posted directly to Facebook or Instagram where your friends can see it.

You can check out AddMood for yourself in the Apple iTunes App Store.


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