Friday, November 7, 2014

Bevy Social is a new drinking companion


The last time I visited one of my favorite bars in Louisville, I was confronted with a massive collection of premium bourbons. Which one to choose? I could ask the bartender, but there was no guarantee that she was a particular fan of Kentucky's signature spirit. A quick consultation with Bevy Social would have been a more productive approach.

While drinking has always been a social experience, Bevy is a new and free Android app that brings it into the digital age. With Bevy, you can share what and with whom you are drinking while it connects you to other people who also enjoy a unique beverage.

Bevy features a Check-In option where you can capture and tag a photo showing where you are, hat you're drinking and who you are with. You can also you Bevy to find your favorite brands and cocktails, see other Bevy users drinking nearby, get personalized drink recommendations and share your favorite recipes.

And, there's the Playlist feature that lets you and your friends remember you favorite summer beers or brunch drinks. It will remind me why I prefer Booker's over Baker bourbon.

Check out Bevy Social in the Google Play Store and watch for the iOS version coming soon.


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