Thursday, October 30, 2014

SoGo Mini Speaker promises advanced sound and features


Now that everyone has their music, movies and other media on their mobile devices, Bluetooth speakers have become required equipment. But those speakers still have lots of room for improvement. The ones with good sound are usually large, heavy, and not especially portable. And what passes for good design? A speaker that looks like a tennis ball.

NimbX Technology thinks it can do better. A lot better. The SoGo Mini Speaker promises high-quality sound, with rich bass lines, in a package that is small and very portable. And if the SoGo’s stylish design isn’t exactly what you want, you can customize it to match your own taste.

The SoGo can function as a wireless speaker for phones or connect it to a computer or tablet. It uses bone conductive technology which lets it use almost any surface, like a wall or a table, as a sound conductor to help increase volume and bass. Snap-on color plates give the speaker a variety of looks and support for near-field communication (NFC) lets it wirelessly sync with an NFC-supported device.

SoGo’s developers hope to raise $75,000 for production costs with a Kickstarter campaign. They’re offering a variety of rewards for backers, including one of the first SoGo speakers for backers who contribute $49.


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