Friday, October 31, 2014

Abongo delivers website details


When I want to know who’s behind a domain name or website, I usually start with a visit to to find the domain’s owner and contact information. Now I know about, a service that can deliver much more detail about a site and its host.

Abongo’s target audience is web professionals, including bloggers and system administrators who want to figure out how any site is hosted on the Internet. Abongo runs on dedicated servers from eight locations around the globe so users can see how a site looks and responds from different parts of the world.

A DNS query returns a map of where a site is hosted plus records such as Name, Alias, Mail and IPV4 and IPV6 records. There are other specialized tools for webmasters including a Host lookup, Tracert (trace route), Ping, Page Rank, RDNS, and Whois which tells you all the publicly available information on the ownership of the domain.

To give the service a free test drive, go to and enter any domain.


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