Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Pro-X - finally, a projector that likes to travel


The last time a hauled a projector to a business meeting where I was giving a presentation, it was a real pain in the posterior. The projector was heavy, hard to position and required both a long extension cord to reach a power source and extended tweaking to get it to work with the computer we were given.

What I needed was the Pro-X, a projector that's small enough to slip in a coat pocket and smart enough to work with just about any device, from computers to tablets to mobile phones. The developers of the Pro-X are currently raising money on Indiegogo to get their invention into production.

The Pro-X appears to solve all of the problems you encounter with ordinary projectors. It runs on battery power, so you don't need a extension cord. It mounts on an adjustable tripod, so you can find the best projecyion angle. It has support for WiFi and a MicroSD data card. And it comes with an infrared controller.

There are images, videos, and spec sheets at Indiegogo where a $499 contribution puts you in line for one of the first units at a $200 discount. You can follow their progress on the website and on Twitter.


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