Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mosspaper streamlines quotes and contracts


The meeting's over and your potential client has asked for you to deliver a price quote and a contract. And you need to do it quickly, before any potential competitors get her attention.

That's where Mosspaper can help. The program lets you quickly crank out the required paperwork, in a taxi, at the airport, at home, just about anywhere that you have access to a computer.

Mosspaper is a quote and contract management tool that also includes built-in workflow features that help users improve -- and speed up - the sales cycle. It's designed for sales people and freelance workers, anyone who works with quotes and contracts.

With the Quote and Creator Tool, you can generate a price quote in five minutes and close the deal using e-signature support. Customers can enter comments and feedback that become part of the workflow information stream and clients can make a payment directly to you.

You can get more details at the Mosspaper website where you'll find a link to a full product demo and  a free 14-day trial. Mosspaper is also on Twitter. If you decide to buy, use the code BLOG20 to get a 20 percent discount.


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