Sunday, October 26, 2014

Mass Planner lets you schedule social media


One major reason why web publishers invest in expensive content-management systems is so they can schedule when their content appears. When I managed the website for big city newspaper, we scheduled stories to appear days in advance. A cooking feature for Wednesday's edition might be put on the Web on Monday and a profile of a basketball player would be completed on Tuesday but booked to go public on Saturday.

A new program called Mass Planner puts the same sort of scheduling tools in the hands of people who publish their content on social media channels. The service creates a single dashboard to automate delivery to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and even Instagram. And Mass Planner expects to add access to Google+ accounts in the near future.

The service is designed to appeal to anyone who wants to use social media to market their brand or simply deliver updates at the most opportune time. The service costs $9.95 a month or $34.95 for six months. For more details, visit the Mass Planner website.


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