Friday, October 24, 2014

Early Adopter Network offers product testing and feedback


Those people who stand in line outside Apple stores waiting for the latest iPhone or iPad? They're called early adopters and they are often key to the success of new products and technologies. They're the users who install beta versions of software and quickly tell developers what's working and what needs to be fixed.

Would that energy and enthusiasm be valuable to start-ups and companies with new products? That was the idea Noah Deutsch and Lorenzo De Plano had last year when they started Early Adopter Network. The network offers software companies functional and usability testing as well as focus groups and market research for their products.

Early Adopter Network uses groups of trained college students to do remote product testing and provide detailed feedback. The company offers functional and usability testing, focus groups and related services. Target products include apps, websites and software and the  company's client list includes Snapchat, DOTS, Betaworks, and Digg.

Check this page on the Early Adopter Network for a pricing and a list of services.


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