Monday, September 29, 2014

MobileMunky powers gadgets on the go


I never travel without a portable charger. With a phone, Bluetooth headphones and at least one tablet, I never know when I'll need a boost, or when I might be stuck in an airport lounge that's short on power outlets. Trouble is, many chargers and large and heavier to be welcome in my pocket.

But the MobileMunky  looks like just the right blend of power and convenience. The MobileMunky's makers say it's the smallest and lightest of the higher-powered chargers. It's rated at 10,400mAH, which unlike many portable chargers, is strong enough to refuel a full-sized iPad.

The device has a protective chip that prevents overloading or overcharging and it turns off automatically when a gadget is fully charged. It has two full-sized USB outlets, so you can charge two devices at once.

There's an LED indicator that shows how much juice is left inside and there's a tiny built-in flashlight to help you find your way in the dark.

You can get more details about the MobileMunky, read user reviews and place an order at were the MobileMunky goes for $24.99.

Watch the MobileMunky video.


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