Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Apps expand Caller ID for user-hacked mobiles


It wasn't long after I got my first mobile phone that the mystery calls started coming. Private Caller. Unknown Caller. Blocked Number. Sometimes I got more blind sales calls on my cellphone than I got on the house land line.

Eventually, I heard about apps that would provide enhanced Caller ID and give me more control over which calls I answered. The apps could identify calls from unknown numbers and give me the tools to block spammers. Some of those apps, including one called Best Caller ID, offer reverse number lookup and access white pages, yellow pages and other phone directories.

Best Caller ID is a free app that targeted at devices that have been user hacked or "jailbroken." Like similar apps found in the Apple Store or Google Play, it's available in versions for the iPhone and Android phones. But it goes beyond those popular platforms with additional versions the Windows Phone, Blackberry, Windows PCs and Bada, an operating system for mobile phones and tablets that was developed by Samsung.

For more details on Best Caller ID, check out the developer's website or the Cydia Store.


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