Sunday, September 21, 2014

Emojo has the key to a global language: emoji


The ancient Egyptians didn't need a million-word vocabulary to tell a story or communicate an emotion. Pictures and symbols served them quite well for many centuries and allowed them to communicate with cultures that had their own spoken languages.

Now you, too, can return to those thrilling days of cuneiform and pictograms with Emojo, a mobile app that lets people communicate entirely without words using emoji, those tiny symbols that you can use to express happiness, affection and lot more. With Emojo, you can construct a full sentence using just pictures.

Here's a sample:

I'm pretty sure that means "Let's go dance our pants off at a club that has a DJ and a lot of really flexible people." That translation may be a little off, but what the heck, Emojo is for fun, not for contract law.

Check out the fee no advertising app in the iTunes App Store or Google Play store. And see what the Emojo folks are up to on Twitter.


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