Saturday, August 23, 2014

New Peacock tablet will have free Internet


I have friends of a certain age who could get a lot of use out of a tablet computer, if only they weren’t intimidated by apps, operating systems and Internet access. Those are the folks who will want to hear about the Rooah Peacock tablet.

The tablet, scheduled to be available this fall, has two features that will appeal to the techno-skittish: it’s easy to use and the Internet is not only built in, it’s also free. That should be good news to the people in many parts of the world where fewer than half of the population go online.

The Peacock tablet has the specs of a high-quality tablet: a 7.89 inch LCD screen, a quad core processor, 16GB of internal memory, front and rear cameras and Bluetooth support. It supports streaming video and movie services and it can play Android-based games. And its developers say the Rooah OS “learns the user as they are using the device and will suggest apps, people, websites, and content that it believes the user may like or find useful.”

The Peacock Rooah builders are in the wary stages of an Indiegogo campaign that hopes to raise $20,000 by Oct. 5. Anyone who pledges $199 will get the Peacock tablet running Android 4.4. A pledge of $499 puts you in line for a tablet with the Rooah OS. Take a closer look at the Peacock Rooah at this Indiegogo page


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