Friday, January 3, 2014

CES 2014: Watch for more smart watches


Archos smartwatch
Got an itch for a smartwatch that communicates with your mobile phone?

You can buy Pebble's watch for about $150 and take advantage of the new app store that Pebble plans to launch early this year. The apps will include one that works with the Mercedes-Benz Digital DriveStyle app. You'll be able to see if your door is locked, check gas reserves and find you car after a night of frivolity.

And there's Samsung's $300 Galaxy Gear watch that works with Samsung's Galaxy Note 3, the company's hefty "phablet" that combines a phone and tablet.

Those watches are expected to get some competition next week with the arrival of new smartwatches from Archos. The French company says it will announce several "connected objects," including a health-tracking wristband, a connected scale, a dog-tracker, and a home weather station.

But the bigger news is expected to be a smart watch that is rumored to be priced at under $100. Archos has a photo of the watch on its website with a teaser that says its watches will be "the perfect companions for your SmartPhone."


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