Friday, November 15, 2013

Coin aims to replace a stack of credit cards


I'm ready for Coin, the all-in-one electronic credit card. The gadget emerged from a California start-up incubator yesterday and quickly hit its target of raising $50,000 from pre-orders.

Coin is not a coin at all. It's a plastic card that's the size of a credit card. Working with an Apple or Android smartphone, it stores the details about multiple credit and debit cards. Once it's loaded, you can leave your cards at home and pay with the Coin.

A built-in display lets you choose which account to use - your home debit card, your business credit card, or your favorite loyalty card. The device works with card swipe readers and ATMs.

That convenience will cost you $100 when Coin begins selling the cards sometime next year. For now, you can order one for $50

Here's the company's video:


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