Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Portable charger tries to do too much


The Dexinly charger tries to be all things to all devices. Perhaps it's trying to do too much.

The first thing I noticed when I plugged it in was how heavy it was. Its weight began to pull the AC prongs away from the wall outlet. And when I finally found an outlet that would hold it, I couldn't find a way to charge my gear while it was plugged it.

There's a wireless pad on both sides of the charger, one for a phone and one for an Apple Watch. But they can only be used when the charger is in power bank mode - in other words, when it's not connected to AC power. And unless I put my phone face down, I couldn't use both  pads at the sale time.   

The charger has two built in cables, one for Lightning and one for USB-C, but again, they are useful only when it's in portable mode. I was disappointed that I couldn't use the charger to refuel all my devices - phone, watch and ear buds - when the block it plugged into an AC outlet. 

Some folks might find this multifunction charger to be just what they need but it's just too heavy and complicated for me.


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