Wednesday, October 5, 2022

MagSafe charger is a bedside buddy


Several years ago I scrapped the clock radio that had been my bedside companion. Didn’t we all? Who needs an alarm clock or a radio when we have a mobile phone? 

In its place, I bought a charging stand that had a platform with a Qi charger for my iPhone and an arm where I could attach a charging cable for my Apple. 

It was a good set up that worked as long as I was careful to put the phone and the watch in the precisely correct spot for the chargers to work. That didn’t always happen and I would often awake in the morning to find that one or both of my devices had not recharged because they weren’t settled in the charging sweet spot. 

That doesn’t happen with the Hatalkin 3-in-1 Charging Station. The phone charger uses MagSafe technology that grips my iPhone 14 and slides it into position no matter how clumsy and sleepy I am. And if I get a late-night alert, I can grab the phone, check the screen, and replace it and get back to snoring without coming fully awake. 

My Apple watch parks on a drop-down disk on the back of the charging station. That puts it out of view, and I miss seeing the watch’s always-on clock face that I could view from my pillow, at least the watch is hidden from my fumbling fingers.

This stand also has a third charging surface for my AirPods Pro charging case. It refuels all three devices using one 47-inch USB-C cable that comes in the box along with a matching charging block. 

I like to keep my Apple devices close bay, even when I’m in bed, so this stand is just right for my bedside table. It delivers a 15-watt charge and refuels my phone much faster than the Qi chargers I have used, so I may get another one of these stands for my desk or kitchen counter.


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