Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Car time is better with this MagSafe charger


While many iPhone owners rave about the new phone’s camera or some of it’s other well-known features, I’m excited about MagSafe charging. After I got my latest iPhone, I went about replacing all of my charging stations with new magnetic devices. And this one from Magjieyx fit perfectly in my car.

The charging puck arrived with two ball connectors and two options for dashboard mounting: a bendable plastic plate with an adhesive strip for drivers who want their phone on the the top of the dashboard; and a ball with a pincer jaws mount on the air vent.

I went with the vent mount. The ball needed a pretty solid push to get it into the socket on the back of the charging disk. And had to remember to position the threaded locking ring on the ball stem before making the connection. But once the ball and socket were joined and the ring was tightened, the two elements had formed a lasting partnership.

The next step was locking the jaws onto one of the blades of the air vent. I remembered another jaw clip that I had to wrestle into place on a previous car and that I broke one or two blades in the process. That din’t happen this time. These jaws were thin enough to slide smoothly into place and solid enough to hold the charger and my phone in the position that I wanted.

I connected the charger using the high-speed adapter plug and USB-C cable that came with the kit.

The whole process took about 15 minutes to get everything installed and positioned. I really like how the charger’s magnet grabs my iPhone and gently pulls it into place. And now I’m through fumbling with the charging cable every time I enter or exit my car.

The charger is designed for iPhone models 12, 13 and 14. The kit also comes with a lightweight metal disc that can be attached to a non-MagSafe phone to adapt it for wireless charging.


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