Friday, June 3, 2022

Bezgar RC truck can take a licking


Like most kids, the children in my family love to play with radio-controlled vehicles. But they are still pretty young, age 6 - 10, so finesse and subtlety are traits they haven’t quite yet acquired. 

They’re favorite vehicles are ones that can take some punishment, off-road trucks that don’t wimp out on dirt tracks, jumping hills and gravel roads. 

The Bezgar Crawler truck looked to be just right for them.

At 1:14 scale, the Crawler is bigger, heavier and stronger than most RC trucks. It’s almost 10 inches long and 7.4 inches wide. It comes with wide oversized tires that have deep treads and heavy-gauge suspension springs.

The roof, hood and door panels are made of actual metal, not the flimsy plastic on other RC cars that I’ve seen go flying when the car takes a tumble. 

We also like light bar mounted on the Crawler’s roll cage. It provides an extra measure of fun on hot summer nights when we take the Crawler out after dark. 

The Crawler comes with two 6-volt battery packs that recharge using the standard USB cable found on most RC vehicle sets. The pistol-style controller has a trigger loop for moving forward and back and a wheel for turns. A trim lever on the truck’s underside lets you make alignment adjustments. 

We’ve put more than a few radio-controlled vehicles through their paces on neighborhood yards and driveways and this one deserves its “Big Foot” nickname.

This particular version of the Bezgar Crawler, Model TB141, sells for about $45 and is available on Amazon.


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