Wednesday, November 10, 2021

This vacuum can gobble up dirt and liquids


A swarm of 6-year-old hands reached for the cookies on the kitchen counter, then made a beeline for the back door, leaving behind a trail of crumbs and food fragments. They were followed by my 70-pound weimaraner who lapped up some of the spilled food but left behind blobs of water from his drinking bowl.

The abandoned mess was just what I needed, a perfect situation to try out the Dreame H11 Max cordless floor cleaner. 

My laundry room was already home to several floor-cleaning devices. I have cordless stick vacuum, a plug-in floor scrubber and two different dry mops. But I wanted to test drive to test drive the Dreame because it will clean hard floors that have both solid debris and liquids. In other words, it will vacuum, wash and mop all at once.

The Dreame H11 Max arrived almost fully assembled. All I had to do was attach the control handle and two tanks, one for clean water, the other to collect whatever comes up from the floor. The business end of the vacuum has a rotating roller brush, just like my stick vacuum, but this one isn't afraid of liquids.

When I deployed the the Dreame in the wake of the great cookie heist, it made short work of both loose crumbs and canine slobber. The vacuum sensed most of the water spills. It automatically switched to water absorption mode and ramped up the suction level. I also used the button on the handle to manually kick in water to insure that it sucked all of the liquid splatter.

With just a couple of passes, the H11 Max left the whole area looking clean and lightly mopped.

The vacuum's large display screen monitors all of the devices important metrics. It displayed the available battery power and signaled when the clean water was near empty or when the dirty water tank needed to be emptied. A lighted ring around the display changes color to match the amount of dust and debris that is being encountered.

And here's a feature that is especially welcome: The Dreame will comb and clean its roller brush while it sits on the charging station. When the vacuum is powered down, it prompts you to put it on its base and press a button to launch the self cleaning operation. 

The H11 Max model has a voice prompt that will remind you to start the cleaning process and alert any problems or issues. It's controlled by a button that will turn off the voice or adjust its volume. 

In addition to the charging base, the vacuum comes with a replacement roller and water filter plus a cleaning brush. For a closer look at the H11 Max, check out my video below. For pricing and more details, visit the Dreame website. You can also find Dreame on Facebook and @Dreame_tech on Twitter.   


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