Monday, August 16, 2021

GRAB AR app collects and organizes images


While the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted almost everyone's work life, a few people I know used their time at home to start an e-commerce business. One found items at second hand stores that she sold on her website for a nice profit. Another bought goods in bulk to resell on his blog.

Although both enjoyed some success, they both complained that the process of getting their goods posted online was too long and too complicated. Photos of their items had to be edited, backgrounds removed, and titles, prices and descriptions added.

An app called GRAB AR would have been a good addition to their digital toolbox. The app puts those steps and more into a single process that runs on mobile phones or desktop computers.  


The app lets users compile a collection of images from a variety of sources including their phone's camera, their stored library, from QR codes or a web URL. Once the images are obtained, users can move or resize them, add titles and descriptions to each one and even remove backgrounds. 

Users can then share the collection with other GRAB AR users or post the images and information to their website. The app will also generate a QR code for images and collections and save collections in Word or PDF document format.

GRAB AR also helps web publishers to make it easier for their readers to grab and store or share posted content. The developers have created a snippet of code that can be added to websites to create a QR code for all image content. Codes can also be created within Microsoft 365 apps including Outlook, Sharepoint and Teams. And there's a set of browser plug-ins for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox browsers.

GRAB AR is available as a free download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play store. The ad-supported free version five image content items per GRAB collection along with 10 background removals per day. 

For more details about app and its features, check out the video below and visit the GRAB AR website. You can also find GRAB AR on Facebook and @grabarapp on Twitter.


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