Wednesday, July 29, 2020

AuthPass stores passwords across platforms


Passwords have long been the bane of the Internet. Experts have all these rules for keeping them safe: make it complicated, don't write it down, use a different one for each website.

And, how do you keep track of all those passwords, especially when you're constantly moving between your desktop computer to your laptop, tablet or mobile phone?

AuthPass could be the answer. It's a password manager program that stores and remembers all of your passwords and makes them accessible regardless of what device you are using. AuthPass supports all of the major mobile and desktop platforms, from iOS, Android to Windows, MacOS  and even Linux.

In addition to storing and retrieving passwords, AuthPass encrypts them to add a layer of safety. The programs use the KDBX file format and the KeePass Password Database. The password data files can only be viewed if the user has a master password, so there's really only one password to remember.

AuthPass will generate secure random passwords for each online account. The app supports  biometric locks, such as a fingerprint or face recognition lock, and it will generate multiple is you need one to share. And users can store their password database at a remote location using DropBox, Google Drive or iCloud.

For more details, visit the AuthPass website and check out the mobile apps on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store


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