Saturday, March 28, 2020

New book helps reader deal with business change confusion


Educators and researchers will tell you that people are more likely to grasp ideas and concepts when they are explained using real-life situations.

That's the approach author Chris Lewis takes in the Carnsa Development book series. Lewis uses the fictional character of Claudia Carnsa and her family members to explain complicated topics like the Agile software development framework.

The sixth and latest book in the series is Business Change Confusion: Prepare, Support and Maintain. In this situation, Claudia applies change principles to manage a large family project described in a semi-fictional story.

At the end of the story, the book presents a quiz to test the reader's knowledge and offers  resources to help the reader during a changing situation.

In today's business world, managers and employees are likely to go through more than one culture change in the company or industry. Lessons learned from the Carnsa family could help them survive and thrive.

The latest ebook and others in the series is are available from a variety of sources including Amazon and Apple. You can see the full list here and learn more about the book in the video below.


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