Friday, February 14, 2020

Need a faster note taker? Check out JotBlue


There was a time when I always carried a pen and few scraps of paper. I wanted to be ready to jot down a phone number, a reminder, an appointment or something to add to my shopping list.

Of course those days are gone now that everybody carries a computer -- their mobile phone -- in their pocket or purse. And those phones offer several apps to capture notes or reminders. But so far, I haven't found one specific app that will quickly and efficiently capture and file every piece of data.

JotBlue just might be the one. It's a recently upgraded app for Android phones that can handle and manage a wide variety of information bits. For instance, you can type in text or activate the phone's microphone to dictate a note or appointment.

And it solves a problem I've had with Evernote, one of the most widely used apps for capturing and storing notes. When I want to take a note with Evernote, I have to find the topic I want it to be stored under, otherwise it just becomes a generic catchall memo.

JotBlue uses a clever letter code to tag a note right from the start and direct it to the proper folder. The letters correspond to topics: A = Appointment, B = Buy, C = Call and so on.

Need a reminder to buy a gift card for your brother? Type B, then a space, then "gift card for Pete." Type a D to make an entry in your diary or E to record a business expense.

Here's one more feature that I like about JotBlue: You don't have to give up Evernote. If you sync Jotblue with Evernote, all of your Jotblue notes will also be recorded in your Evernote App.
JotBlue is available as a free download in the Google Play Store. For more details, check out the video below and visit the JotBlue website. JotBlue is also on Facebook and @jotblue on Twitter.


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