Sunday, December 8, 2019

Source Rabbit launches desktop CNC milling machine


The development of 3D printers has made it easy to create prototype products, custom prosthetics and architectural models. But what if you need a replacement part of an antique motorcycle or a replacement for a metal item that is no longer manufactured?

Computer-controlled milling machines are also moving to the desktop with a new generation of devices that can quickly transform a computer design into a fully-finished item.

The new Micro Mill CNC milling machine from Source Rabbit can function as a router, lathe, drill or grinder. And it works with a wide variety of materials, including aluminum, wood, plastics and PCB boards. It also works with all major computer design computer software.

The Source Rabbit website says the Micro Mill has the kind of high-precision specs that make it a good choice for lab technicians, jewelers, electricians, model makers and precision opticals.

Here are some of those specs:
  • A cutting area of 300x200x180 mm
  • A Z-Αxis column that is exactly 90° with its table  
  • A bed travel area of 300x200 mm
  • All axes are running on hardened 15mm linear rails
  • A waterproof terminal switch on each axes.
To get a closer look at the Micro Mill, visit the Source Rabbit website.


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