Friday, January 10, 2020

A telescope for your pocket phone


This is the type of scope that is typically used for target shooting or spotting wild game to hunt. I was hoping to spot bald eagle that has been known to visit the bare treetops in the woods around my neighborhood.

The scope has 20x-to-60x magnification, which suits my situation, and it’s waterproof, so our frequent hazy, humid weather wouldn’t fog the lens.

But what really drew me to the Creative XP GlassHawk were the accessories. It comes with a clip-on adapter that holds a mobile phone snug against the viewing tube.

The adapter was easier to use than I expected and after just a couple of tries, I have a bright, full-screen image on my iPhone camera.

With the phone camera, I could zoom in even more and shoot sills, video and time-lapse. It also allowed my grandchildren to enjoy the views, especially the full moon ascent that you’ll see in my video.

The GlassHawk also comes with a remote shutter release that works with both Apple and Android phone cameras.

I was also very happy with the price, which is significantly lower than other brands that have comparable features. 

The GlassHawk sells for $189 at Amazon.


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