Sunday, April 1, 2018

Website turns PNG into ICO for free


Dealing with digital image formats can be a real pain in the pixel.

While JPEG and PNG images are the lingua franca of the online world, there's a multitude of other formats that are either tied to specific software or preferred for certain situations.

Take the ICO format for example. Software developers working on programs for the Microsoft operating system know that their icons, those small graphics that manage and direct the user's experience, should be in the ICO format. But the artists and designers who create those tiny images are more likely to be working some other file format.

That's when the developer needs a good file conversion tool. And now there's a website called Online Convert Free that offers a quick and easy way make the PNG to ICO switch.

Users can select a file from their computer and drag it to a window on the website. If a few seconds, out pops a freshly converted image file ready to download and put to work.

The ICO trick is one of many that the site can perform. It also offers conversions for PDF, PCT, TIFF and other common file formats as well as many more obscure formats. And if you run across a WPG, ARW, DFX or some other mystery formats, the site also offers a helpful descriptions that include lists of the programs that use those file types. 

To try the free conversion for an ICO or other image file, visit the Online Convert Free website.


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