Thursday, January 18, 2018

CES 18: Roaming the world


While the television crews flocked to the jumbo displays set up by Samsung, Intel, LG and other brands, I headed to a parking lot where CES had erected a huge temporary building for what it called the Design & Source Showcase.

The building housed 200 or more manufacturers from China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other countries.

These are the people who make the cables, headphones and other gadgets that turn up on Amazon, Alibaba or Wish, often under brand names that you've probably never heard of.

If you want to buy 1,000 Bluetooth speakers or if you have an design idea that you want to turn into a product, this is where you would go shopping.

With cord-cutting growing in popularity, I wanted to check out Zoomtak, a Shenzhen company that makes a variety of video streaming boxes that compare to devices like Apple TV or Roku.

The boxes run Android 6.0  and come with WiFi and HDMI connections. Also most Zoomtak include KODI, open-source media player and entertainment hub.

I also stopped it at the Sunchip booth. It's a Chinese OEM manufacturer that produces panoramic cameras, including one that works with a mobile phone, and virtual reality accessories.

In other aisles, Layon Science Technology was displaying a variety of Bluetooth devices, including several wireless earbuds. And Trangjan was promoting more than a dozen Apple-certified accessories, including an Apple Watch charger and several wireless charging platforms.

Among the many other wireless chargers on display was an unusual design created by Mossloo. This one combined Qi device charging and a Bluetooth speaker in a small white cube. The top of the box had an angled surface dotted with tiny suction cups that keeps your phone in place.



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