Monday, September 11, 2017

MAXPAD is an interactive whiteboard


In school the teacher had the chalkboard and when I was in the corporate world, the manager or director had the whiteboard. Whoever held the chalk or the dry marker ran the show. Instead of collaboration, we got one-way communication.

The MAXPAD is a new invention that has the ability to make meetings and presentations more interactive and more inclusive. The device merges a wall-mounted whiteboard presentation panel with a full-powered Windows computer.

The MAXPAD can display hand-drawn sketches, text or formulas, but it does it digitally using the system’s infrared sensing technology. And the computer can stream content from other sources, including iOS and Android devices. If someone in the group has video or image to share, they can stream from their phone or tablet directly to the whiteboard.

The system can also live stream a video call and return live video using MAXPAD’s built-in HD camera and microphone.

The MAXPAD is available in four sizes with screen ranging from 70 to 165 inches diagonally.

For more detail, check out the MAXPAD website.


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