Thursday, June 8, 2017

Service offers a VPN for BitTorrent users


My work takes me to a wide variety of Internet web sites and services and my view is that what I read or do online is nobody’s business but mine. That’s why I often use a cloaking browser like Tor and a virtual private network (VPN).

A VPN hides your IP address so that any person or machine monitoring my traffic can’t identify my digital fingerprint.

TorrentGuard is a VPN service aimed specifically at people who share data using BitTorrent, a communication protocol that is typically used for peer-to-peer sharing of large files such as video. By routing those files through TorrentGuard, only the IP address of the VPN is visible to sniffers and snoopers while the user remains anonymous.

A VPN can also be useful for connecting to a website or service where access is restricted to certain geographic regions.

TorrentGuard says its service provides unlimited and unmetered traffic without the speed penalty that often comes with VPNs.

The service costs one dollar for the first month and $4.99 a month after the first month. It’s also available for an annual fee.

For more information, visit the TorrentGuard website and check the FAQ page.


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