Friday, April 28, 2017

RayPCB offers fast printed circuit boards


One of the many things I loved about Walter Isacson’s biography of Steve Jobs was the description of how Woz would build circuit boards for the Apple I by hand, twisting wires to connect capacitors and resistors.

PCBs - printed circuit boards - quickly eliminated that arduous hand-wrapping process, allowing anyone who can design a circuit to turn it into a few boards or a few thousand.

That’s what they do at RayPCB. The Shenzhen, China-based company says it can ship a two-layer printed board in 12 hours and a four-layer board in 48 hours.

The finished products are tested using a variety of devices including a Flying Probe Tester, an x-ray machine and automated optical inspection.

In addition to large manufacturers and marketers, RayPCB says it also welcomes small specialized orders from customers such as students and hobbyists who need to fabricate a prototype. And to put the boards to work, the company also offers a variety of assembly services.

For more details, visit the RayPCB website and click Quick Quote for pricing.


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