Thursday, March 23, 2017

Smart door locks come to mobile homes


One of the more welcome additions to our home is a battery-powered digital lock that I installed on our front door. It eliminated fumbling for the door key in the dark and it can be programmed to give a special access number to service people or a cleaning crew.

While high-tech locks are becoming more common on single-family homes and small businesses, they have also become an option for mobile home locks.

A new website called Mobile Home Locks & Door Knobs includes the Samsung Digital Door Lock among its list of the best mobile home door locks.

The Samsung lock, shown above, incorporates a variety of access options, including a keypad and a fingerprint scanner. The website also has a review of another high-tech option, the YL 99 Keyless Electronic Keypad Lock from SoHoMiLL.

The site offers advice on choosing the best lock for mobile homes and a DIY installation and repair guide. Another section discusses options for knobs and locks for interior doors


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