Wednesday, March 15, 2017

New website tracks lace front fashion craze


Back in the long-ago days before the Internet, new fashion styles usually started on one of the coasts, then travel across the country through appearances in celebrity magazine with occasional exposure on television.

Today, fashions and hair styles spread faster than wildfire. As soon as an idea or design pops up on Facebook or Instagram, it’s quickly followed by blogs and websites offering tips and easy access to products.

One example is Lace Frontier, a new website devoted lace front wigs, a popular hair enhancement approach that’s being embraced by African American women.

The site is still under construction, but it currently features a few articles about lace front wigs and why they have become so popular. One article called Why lace front wigs have taken over explains how the wig’s mesh front is integrated with human hair to provide an very natural look. Another offers tips for finding and buying lace front wigs at discount prices.

There are more tips and advice coming soon to the Lace Frontier website.


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