Friday, January 6, 2017

The new connected world includes toothbrushes and toasters


Is this Internet of Things business getting out of hand? This year's CES is populated with all manner of mundane household items that are suddenly "smart" because they contain a WiFi or Bluetooth chip that collects data and send it to an app.

There's the $250 Genius toothbrush from Oral-B that makes sure you spend a full two minutes brushing in the right places. 

The brush times your activity while you phone, mounted on the bathroom mirror, determines in you are scrubbing in the right locations. And of course, the data is recorded, analyzed and stored.   

Griffin has a solution for people who struggle to make perfect toast. It's a connected toaster lets users program what they're toasting (white bread, bagel, English muffin etc.)  and how they would like it finished. 

The toaster would sit next to their connected coffeemaker which also takes commands from an app. Both are coming later this year for $99 each, along with a smart mirror that will display time, weather and messages from the toaster.  

The Breezi AirPulse will tell you when it's time to change the filter in your home hesting and air conditioning system. It's a Bluetooth sensor that you stick in the filter. It senses the pressure and estimates the life of the filter. Clean filters mean cleaner air and lower energy demand. 

The device reports to a mobile app that charts the filter status and sends a push notification when your filter nears the end of its life. The AirPulse is slated to be available in the spring for about $30.


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