Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Kado has a wallet-sized charger


How often do you find that your phone needs a charge, but you don’t have a cable, or a plug or both?

The people at Kado have developed a device that keeps those two essential items always close by. The Kado Wallet, shown here at CES, is a a charger that’s not much bigger than a credit card.

The device has a pair of folding prongs for plugging into an electric outlet and a two-foot cable that tucks away inside the Kade Wallet’s school. The cable tip can have a Lightning tip for charging iPhones or a mini USB tip for Androids.

The larger Kado Sleeve is designed to deliver enough current to power a laptop while also charging a mobile phone.

The Tel Aviv-based company plans to release the chargers in mid-2017. You can sign up top be notified when they are available on the Kado website.


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