Friday, January 27, 2017

Investment group is looking for startups


My wife and I are big fans of the TV show Shark Tank. We enjoy hearing entrepreneurs make their pitch to the panel of potential investors and we’ve seen more than a few get rejected because they doubt the inventors have the necessary leadership skills to make their company successful.

Freddie Achom, the co-founder of Rosemont Group Capital Partners, also looks for leadership qualities when his company chooses companies to invest in. Achom says as much in the video below.

Like the TV investors, Rosemont is looking for the next big idea to invest in. The company focuses on funding for startup companies through equity financing, angel investments and venture capital.  

A social media company called JustGo that was launched with financial help from Rosemont was recently sold to a company called Tunecore. Here’s what Rosemont said in a recent news release:

JustGo launched in 2013 by founder Justin Golshir, raising $1.7 million in venture capital led by Freddie Achom’s Rosemont Group Capital Partners. The company quickly positioned itself as a dominant force in social media management in the music industry launching its beta exclusively focused on the fast growing electronic dance music industry.

Rosemont says it invests in “solutions and concepts that address large target markets” and that it is actively seeking “interesting ideas, concepts and businesses to invest in.” Rosemont is based in London with offices in New York and Mumbai.

For more details and contact information, check out the Rosemont Group Capital Partners website and follow @RosemontGroup on Twitter.


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