Monday, December 19, 2016

UK company builds websites and apps in a month


Building a new website or mobile app can look like a daunting challenge for any business. Where do you start? How long will it take? What should it look like?

And, that last but critical question: How much will it cost?

A London-based company called 10K Startup has boiled the process down to four steps, four weeks and a flat rate of $10,000.

10K Startup says its process will result in a top-quality website or app for any business, regardless of field of interest. The company matches its staff of coders and designers with the client’s staff to work through these four steps:

  • Determine the client’s goal and vision and the core features of the digital presentation.
  • Create wire-frame mockups that express the user experience and user interface.
  • Build the software that will bring the mockup to life.
  • Test, refine and fix the product to ensure that it’s ready for the real world.
To get more details and read the company FAQ, visit the 10K Startup website.


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