Monday, December 26, 2016

Diet-to-Go offers healthy food delivered to your home


My diet counsellor is my wife and she tries hard to warn me away from sweet and salty snacks, but she’s no match for food management services like Diet-to-Go.

The service provides low-calorie meals that are delivered to your door or you can pick them up in five major cities including Washington, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The foods are based on different meal plans designed to meet specific goals. For example, there’s a low-carb plan, a vegetarian plan and a low-fat plan. The foods are prepared by Diet to Go (unlike some other delivery plans that use packaged foods) and the company says it follows the American Diabetes Association Guidelines.

Many of the positive reviews that Diet to Go gets are posted at the FIT.I.J website run by a self-described fitness buff who believes that staying physically fit is a key element in the wealth equation.

In addition to reviews, the site includes a blog that tracks news from the diet and fitness industry and FIT.I.J offers discount coupons for Diet to Go members.


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