Wednesday, November 30, 2016

These computers are built to go to war


Some years back, I was allowed to tag along with a US Army unit during combat training in the Mojave Desert at Fort Irwin, the Army’s National Training Center.

Long before the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the NTC was the place the Army brought its troops, weapons and computers to see how they could perform in an environment of intense heat and persistent dust.

I’m guessing that the NTC is also the kind of environment the people at Chassis Plans have in mind when they build the company’s line of rack-mount computers and servers.  

Chassis Plans says its computers use aircraft grade aluminum to provide the optimum ruggedness with minimal weight. The systems also incorporate their SysCool Intelligent Adaptive Fan Control System for “optimum environmental performance and minimize fan noise.”

The US-built computers use motherboards or backplanes containing a variety of chip sets and processors including Core i5/i7 and 4/6/8/10/12 Core single and dual Xeon processors.

To get a closer look at their lineup of rugged computers, displays and keyboards, visit the Chassis Plans website.


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