Thursday, November 17, 2016

Flipboard and screen grabs keep me plugged in


Count me among the many fans of Flipboard who were delighted when the mobile app made the jump to the Web last year.

For me, Flipboard has become a reliable and often entertaining way to keep up on topics of interest, from consumer technology to online security and website design with side helpings of politics, movies and current news.

I like Flipboard’s option to create a personal magazine based on those topics, but I often need to collect images of what I see when I click through to the original source of an article I see on Flipboard.

Those sites typically display a line of action buttons to share an article on social media or send the URL by email. But almost never see a option built into a Web page that lets me take a screen shot. And in many cases, that’s just what I want - an image that captures the headline, byline, posting date and URL.

In the days when I did my work on a Windows PC, I could get a quick screen shot by pressing a key labelled PrtScr. There’s no such key on my iMac keyboard, so I went looking for a print screen Mac tool.

I found a simple guide that explained which key combinations to use to capture different images and have the resulting graphic file helpfully dropped on my desktop. Tony Tran’s article explains the steps to get snapshots of a full screen or selected areas. His tips have been a big help for my Flipboard research.


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