Monday, October 3, 2016

Gist fountains mix water and art


A few weeks ago I was introduced to the joys of an indoor water fountain by the folks at Indoor Fountain Pros. Now I’ve discovered that outdoors fountains can also deliver the soothing properties of running water in an outdoor setting.

Outdoor Fountain Pros stocks hundreds of different designs on their website, including multi-level fountains, fountains with animal designs and Asian fountains that add an element of Zen to patios and back yards.

Some of the most striking and sophisticated fountains are the Gist water fountains that build moving water into an outdoor piece of art.

For example, the Art Garden Water Fountain uses glass fiber reinforced concrete to create a 231-pound abstract art piece designed to be placed against a wall in an outdoor garden or patio.  

Other Gist designs include simple globe or block shapes, cascading carafes, towers ad Buddha heads. Prices start at about $1,000.

The full catalog of Gist fountains, along with other outdoor fountains, is available on the Outdoor Fountain Pros website.


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