Monday, October 10, 2016

3D pens turn ideas into objects


I’ve seen 3D printers in action and I still think the concept of printing a solid object is science fiction. And 3D pens aren’t far behind.

At the CES trade show earlier this year, I saw people use 3D pens to create wondrous objects like flowers, superhero figurines, and even tiny houses and villages.

Most 3D pens work like a glue gun. They create solid objects by heating a plastic rod and shaping the soft output into different designs while the plastic streams quickly harden. Other pens use  photopolymer ink that hardens when it’s exposed to ultraviolet light. With no heating element, those pens are more suitable for children.

One of the most popular 3D pens is the 3Doodler Create Pen which sells for about $100. The pen comes with a starter collection of colored filaments and the support of an online community that shares hundreds of stencils and designs.

The 3Doodler and several other 3D pens are described on the BestSeekers website which also has links to sources that sell the pens.


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