Friday, September 9, 2016

Website offers a guide to robot vacuum cleaners


Each time that it’s my turn to vacuum the house I vow to buy a robot to do the job for me. I picture myself relaxing with a cold drink while a little machine does all the work - and entertains the cats in the process.

I’ve been eyeing robot vacuums since iRobot launched the first one in 2002. Over that period, several more companies entered the market and I keep up with the new arrivals with frequent visits to Robot Vacuum website.

The site contains reviews and comparisons of most of the different brands and models, including vacuums made by big-name companies like Samsung and many brands that are less well known but often have lower price tags.

I especially like the site Buyer’s Guide, which offers a chart that lists the primary features of each model in three different price ranges. The spec list describes the agitator brush type for each model, whether it can do wet mopping, its cleaning pattern and advertised battery life.

The site also has detailed reviews of many of the vacuums including the Samsung POWERbot, iRobot’s Roomba 980 and the Deebot D35 by Ecovacs. Each review lists the Pros and Cons of the model, like whether it misses corners and baseboards, and it creates each model based on factors such as price, cleaning ability and battery life.

If you’re thinking about handing over vacuum chores to a robot, the Robot Vacuum website is a good place to start.


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