Monday, September 19, 2016

iOS app puts captions inside images


Say you’re traveling in Europe, you’ve just used your phone to get a great photo of an old castle and you want to share it with friends and followers.

You could send or post the photo and add a caption in a separate message box. That’s okay, but kind of boring. Or, you could use CaptionMagic and put the text right in the photo.

The goal of the app is to let users add attractive text to an image without having to learn PhotoShop or some other complicated graphic design program. CaptionMagic uses artificial intelligence to automatically determine the best location and the best colors for the added text.

Using the app, you can take a new photo or pick one from your camera roll. Inside the app you can crop the image, then choose among different fonts, sizes and type effects, such as a drop shadow. The app suggests complimentary colors for the type and a location for the text, but you can resize, rotate and drag the text using simple finger gestures.

Options to share the photo using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, Snapchat and other social media are built into the app.

The developers of CaptionMagic say they don’t uploads you photos or store any personally identifiable information about their users. They also make the case that messages are more memorable when they are integrated into an image, and they have the science to back that up. Have you ever heard of the Gestalt Principles of Grouping? Check it out in the CaptionMagic Blog.

The CaptionMagic app is available for free for iOS devices in the iTunes App Store. You see the app at work in the video below, can get more details at the CaptionMagic website and see more examples @captionmagicapp on Twitter.


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