Saturday, August 20, 2016

Access Denied wallets block RFID hackers


It’s a pretty scary thought that someone could capture your personal information while standing next to you in a subway car or some other crowded area.

But that’s what can happen if you’re carrying a credit card issued in the past few years and are standing next to someone using an RFID scanner.

RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) is technology used to store and transmit sensitive data through chips built into small devices, including plastic bank and identification cards.

A company called Access Denied makes an RFID wallet that blocks those hacker scanners. The company makes a line of fashionable leather goods that are lined with shielding material that prevent RFID from being transmitted. The wallets used the FIPS 201 standard that the US government established for personal identification verification of federal employees and contractors.

The Access Denied catalog includes a wide variety of RFID blocking wallets, passport carriers and bags for both men and women. Prices start at $18.95.

For a look at the full range of their products, check out the Access Denied website. You can also see videos that show how they work in the Access Denied blog.


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