Thursday, June 30, 2016

This mobile payment service accepts Bitcoin


You can tell that Bitcoin is catching on when merchants start accepting it as payment for pizza and beer. I’ve heard of two shops in my city that accept the cryptocurrency and the local Bitcoin evangelists tell me more are coming soon.

The growth of Bitcoin transactions fits in smoothly with the expansion of mobile payment services like Circle Plus Payments, which I have been told is the first such service that will process payment using Bitcoin.

Circle Plus has a mobile app that will let users accept credit card payments through their phones and tablets. We’ve seen street vendors and other merchants do that using PayPal or Square. But, unlike those service, Circle Plus doesn’t require a card-swiping attachment or any other extra hardware.

Company founder Nitish Kannan says more than 200 merchants are using the app and the service has processed more several hundred thousand dollars in transactions.

Circle Plus has other advantages over the competition. In most cases, transaction fees are cheaper than those charged by other mobile services. Circle Plus is also available around the globe, including China where mobile payments is just also starting to get traction. And it accepts a wire range of payment options, including Apple Pay and Android Pay as well as Bitcoin.

For a closer look at the service and its features, visit the Circle Plus Payments website.


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